How to Inspect a USED EXCAVATOR?

Nowadays, purchasing a used excavator is getting more and more popular, you might as well be cautious to seek a competent seller or distributor, to do enough homework before the eventual machine inspection. In the following, we will provide you with interesting tips to make your shopping experience the best.


1. Structures
Check for structural damage, cracks or welds on the boom and arm to make sure its structure is original and strong enough without any big damage.
Check the ring gear and turnable for reflection. Rotate the cab and boom & arm to detect any hesitation or roughness.

2. Overall appearance
Inspect the overall condition of the cab. Note any broken or cracked glass, dented sheet metal or structural rust.
Hydraulic cylinders should be smooth and blemish-free. The presence of oil indicates a scratched cylinder or the need for new packing inside the cylinder housing.
Make sure the bucket is the right size and type for your intended applications. Check for dents, damage, cracks or welds.

3. Maintenance signs
The boom arm pins and bushings should show evidence of regular greasing. On the dipper, bucket pins and bushings, look for signs of regular greasing.

4. Undercarriage
The front idler should have some room left to extend forward on the track frame.
Check if there is proper clearance between the bottom of the guide rollers and the top of the track pins. Pins and bushings loosen up over time, causing the tracks to sag. Inspect final drive and sprocket for wear or leaks. Inspect the roller frame for cracks or welds.

5. Main Components
Open the service access doors and inspect the engine, dipsticks and sight gauges. Check the hydraulic pump, hoses and valve bank for leaks.

At Origin Machinery, you can buy used excavators of XCMG brand as well as its genuine spare parts. all parts are inspected and tested subject to very strict quality protocols. Fortunately, just like Caterpillar or Komatsu brands XCMG also have high standards of reliability. Therefore, the satisfaction margins of our clients are fully aligned with our objectives.

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Post time: Aug-03-2022